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OUR coaches

Joannah Sexton


Coach Joannah comes to NorthJax Crossfit with over 10 years experience coaching group classes. She has lead dance fitness, indoor cycling, kickboxing, TRX, and bootcamp style classes. She brings unsurpassed energy to her group classes to help motivate and keep people moving to the best of their ability.

Being a collegiate athlete herself, Coach Joannah loves working with former athletes working to regain their strength and confidence. She also loves helping people to get control of their eating habits finding a balanced and consistent approach to nutritional needs ensuring long term success.
Helping people hit new milestones in their fitness journey is a passion for Coach Joannah. She loves helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible. She has helped many people improve their overall ability to move their own bodies. Getting people to do their first strict pullup, their first pushup, or just generally moving their bodies better has been a focus for her.
If you are looking to improve your overall health and fitness, you could not ask for a more dedicated and motivated coach to help get you the results that you are looking to achieve.

Crossfit Gymnastics
Crossfit Running



My goal is to help clients’ big goals feel realistic and attainable. I strive to meet clients where they are and then create a game plan that feels doable. I help members tackle smaller goals and remember to take things one step at a time without getting bogged down or overwhelmed. Mindset impacts everything, so my coaching has a heavy focus on creating healthier mental habits as well.

Areas of expertise:
General physical performance. Helping people feel more capable and enable them to do whatever they want in life. Provide for nutrition guidance through developing positive habits that support stated goals. Yoga and mobility improvement. Mindset practice and principles.

Personal Mission
To help people become healthier, stronger, more capable humans both physically and mentally. Develop confidence inside and then outside the walls of the gym, allowing for people to reach goals never before imagined. And then allowing those same people to positively affect others.

Bachelors of Science Nursing (BSN)
ACSM certified personal trainer
Crossfit Level 2 certification
Crossfit gymnastics certification
200 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Certification
Precision Nutrition Level 1



Coach Tye is our head coach here at NorthJax. He brings with him almost 2 decades of coaching experience. He started coaching at a young age with martial arts and absolutely fell in love with helping people reach their health and fitness goals.
Coach Tye states his personal mission as this, “My personal mission is to get as many people as possible to enjoy fitness and in the process build their confidence and comfort.”

Coach Tye’s main area of expertise is strength training, especially in the area of power lifting. But he also loves working with people to develop their kickboxing skills. He also believes that being able to move correctly and move external loads is an important part of health and longevity and bringing about the highest quality of life possible. His knowledge of conditioning or “how to improve your engine” allows his athletes to experience I wide range of benefits to include: weight loss, performing better in endurance based workouts, performing better in long distance events (5k, spartan race), or just not feeling winded when playing with their kids.

Our members absolutely love working with Coach Tye. He has worked with people of all levels, from the collegiate athlete to people wanting to look good for the summer.

Bachelors Exercise Science
Barbell Rehab

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