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April Athlete of the Month Michael Hunter


April Athlete of the Month Michael Hunter

Michael has been with NorthJax Crossfit since October of 2018.  The photos he posted say it more than words every could.  He has been an awesome addition to the NorthJax family.

He served as Marine from 1993-1997, and is Married to Tina for 8 years now and they have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.

When asked what brought him to the gym the first time.  He stated that his brother is pretty big into Crossfit and eating clean and staying healthy. He watched his brother transform from a 300 pound bodyweight beginner to someone that embraced a healthier lifestyle and that motivated him.   When Michael looked in the mirror every day, he said he was not very happy with what he saw.  He was not happy about not being able to do the things he used to do and not too happy about his appearance.

Michael stated, “Worst part of going to a regular gym is walking in, and not knowing what to do.” “You can hire one of the coaches inside the gym and that gets really expensive really quick.”  He was not very happy with the overall gym experience.  He started trying to work out at home.  Only to find out that home is the “danger zone” meaning you get home, you get into your routine, you want to relax, wash off the day, basically you do not want to do anything.  He even tried getting up doing the early morning thing, and that did not work any better for him. 

The first time he came to NorthJax Crossfit, in his words, “It was pretty terrifying,” he did not know what to expect.  Other than what his brother had told him, he had no idea what he was walking in to.  His brother’s response, you are fixin to go pay someone to kick your ass.  That statement did not help calm his nerves as you may imagine. 

When he walked in, he had the nerves going, but after getting to meet everyone, he feels it was the best decision he has ever made.  “It’s more of a culture, not just a gym,” Michael exclaimed.  Everyone pushes each other, it does not matter what level you are at.”  “When I first started the coach had me working out with a PVC pipe,” laughed Michael.  “If you can let go of your pride a little and let yourself be coachable, you would be amazed at what you can do.  Its been an awesome journey.” 

One bit of advice from Michael to a new member walking in the door, “ Embrace getting outside of your comfort zone, it is a super tough walk from your car to this door.  Get to know some of the people here and talk with the other members.” “And remember everybody started somewhere. That first step is a step you will never regret,” Michael stated.

Thank you very much for your time and for sharing your story with us Michael.  You are truly an inspiration and we are fortunate to have you as a member here at NorthJax Crossfit.  Congratulations on your selection as Athlete of the Month.