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Most people fail at attaining their goals due to the manner in which they set their goals.  When the majority set a goal, they set an outcome.  An example would be, I want to lose 20 pounds.  And I want to lose that 20 pounds in 2 months.  That is a great goal, absolutely nothing wrong with it.  The goal is a SMART goal:  it is specific, it is measurable, it is an attainable goal, it is relevant, and it is time based.  We are told that this Is what makes a good goal.  But If you set a goal this way, you will more than likely fail.  The first reason for failure is the lack of the why behind the desire to lose 20 pounds.  The power of why is of extreme importance.  Using our example,  I want to lose weight because I would like to look better in a bathing suit.  This is a reason why, but is it a why that will keep us committed to our goal?  Perhaps. Perhaps not.  But if the reason to lose 20 pounds is due to the fact that the majority of the family is over-weight and I see the same behaviors in my children and I would like to show our children that we are not bound by our genetics and that our bodies are in our control.  Well, that is a much more powerful why and more likely to get one through the tough spots and challenges that will come.

                Now for the second reason you will fail at attaining your goal is the fact that the focus is on the outcome.  If you look at the circle above, most make an outcome-oriented goal and leave it there.  Essentially a wish is made and nothing more.   In this case, the statement to lose 20 pounds was made, but nothing else was done to ensure success.  This is how most people make goals.  The people that are a little more successful are those that change processes.  To lose weight, I need to exercise more.  A new habit needs to be developed, that habit is hitting the gym up 5 times/ week.  This is great, a process has been implemented that will help in the attainment of the goal.  This habit could easily fall off, if our why is not strong enough to get us through the days we do not want to attend and is the reason people stop their new good habits.  The last part is the greatest impact and increases the likelihood of success exponentially.  You make your new goal part of your identity.  In this case what does that mean?  You become the person that never misses a workout.  You are known as the person that no matter what is going on that day, you will be at the gym.  That habit has now become your identity, and your success possibility has just shot through the roof.

                This year when you are making goals, know your why, write it down.  Write down a process that will help in the achievement of that goal and make that process part of your identity and your success will be all but ensured. Not sure if the first step to take, book a free consultation with us and we can show the steps needed to be successful in the achievement of your goals.

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