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July Athlete of the Month Malcolm Green


July Athlete of the Month Malcolm Green

Athlete of the month for the month of July is Malcolm Green. 

For those that may have not had the pleasure to meet Malcolm as of yet, he is a mainstay at the 545 AM class.  That is right everyone, he and few dedicated others are out there killing it before most of us have had our morning coffee.  Even though Malcolm hits it hard early every morning he never shows without a smile on his face and a hardy good morning to follow as he walks through the gym doors.

Malcolm is a Supply Chain professional here in the city of Jacksonville and just recently graduated from the University of North Florida.  He is currently attending Michigan State University in pursuit of his Masters degree.  In his spare time he likes to hang out with family and friends, and begrudgingly admits to watching the Jaguars, even when they are bad.  Which of course is the testament of a true fan. 

A couple things people may not know about Malcolm is that he has never had a bite of seafood and he enjoys watching Hallmark movies. 

When asked what brought him into the gym, he answered that due to all the work he had been putting in for his career and education he let his body slip.  Watching clips of his friends, Marko Carrion and Emory Wingard inspired Malcolm to take control of his health and wellness.  So he reached out to Marko and never looked back.

After his first workout Malcolm admits that he was shocked at the difficulty.  He stated, “ I was tired after the warmup.”  He loved the challenge though and admits in having a little too much pride to quit.   He was also genuinely surprised at the support he received from other athletes within the gym, he admits that they are some of the main reasons he keeps coming back every morning.  He specifically recounts one morning where another athlete finished the workout well ahead of him and even while she was still breathing heavy from her own efforts she went over and cheered him on to finish as best he could.  He admits that without that extra encouragement, he would not have finished the workout.

When asked what he liked most about his experience at NorthJax Crossfit, his answer,” I just love the camaraderie.”  It reminded him of the days in the Navy when deployed overseas. 

His advice to new members, “Keep pushing forward, and no matter how hard it gets, remember, you came in through those doors in the 1st place.”  He also states,” We are very supportive here at NJCF, and we want to see everybody achieve their goals!”  He also admits that the gym has humbled him a great deal, it taught him lessons that he wish he would have known when he was younger.  His last words,” Just stick with it, and don’t quit, and I promise you will see results!” 

I could not have stated it better myself, thank you very much Malcolm for sharing and know that we have learned a great deal from you as well during your time here and look forward to working together to make our entire community healthier and stronger. 

A well deserved congratulations to you for all of your efforts which made your selection for Athlete of the Month an easy one.