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May Athlete of the Month Karina Zussy


May Athlete of the Month Karina Zussy

Congratulations to Karina Zussy for Athlete of the month.  Karina is our first athlete to reach the 5 year mark here with us at NorthJax Crossfit.  When asked if she thought she would ever stay at the gym this long she replied,” That she is not sure that she has ever thought about it, it was a decision I made and I stuck with it, and I enjoy it.”  She was looking for something sustainable to make a life style change and something that could be ongoing.  Karina has proven that no matter how long train you can still improve and she is killing it, attaining 23 personal best so far this year.  That is truly impressive.

When asked what she has learned over the course of the 5 years, she answered, “ Have confidence in yourself, there are a lot of things that you may think you can’t do when you start or are nervous about and if you don’t think to hard, it comes.” 

Finding out that she is kind of good at this Crossfit thing is a good realization to have, she explained. Perseverance matters, its not always a matter of athleticism but a matter of dedication and determination she further detailed.

When asked if she could go back and give herself some advice when she first started Crossfit, what would it be?  Her response,” Find the time, make the time, it’s a commitment.  You can find all kinds of time for other things, find the time to take care of yourself, it’s a decision you make.” 

We here at NorthJax Crossfit have absolutely loved having Karina be such a big part of our fit family.  She has a smile that will warm your heart and a wit and intelligence that will quickly put you in your place if she so chose.  She is incredibly welcoming to every member that walks through the door, whether they have just started with us or have been coming for years. 

Congratulations Karina for the well deserved recognition, keep knocking out those PR’s, you are crushing it every day and are an inspiration to us all.