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Mom Wins Obesity and Diabetes Battle


Mom Wins Obesity and Diabetes Battle

Liz Cromwell always puts her family first: She’s currently caring for her eight children as well as her husband, who suffers from spinal stenosis.

After a painful nine months of pregnancy followed by the stillbirth of her ninth child, Cromwell says she hit rock bottom. She discovered she was a Type 2 diabetic, gained weight, and suffered from severe depression.

“I have to always be fighting to stay on top for my family because I know if I’m gone then it’s gonna be a struggle. That is why I just decided that I need to do something for me,” says Cromwell.

After trying months of boot-camp-style workouts yet failing to see much progress, Cromwell finally found Eton CrossFit and instantly knew it was the thing she needed to change her entire life.

“We’ve got an amazing, amazing, amazing community — very supportive. … Once I walk into that box, it’s a great release,” says Cromwell, whose fitness has improved dramatically since she started training.

The community at Eton CrossFit also helped Cromwell overcome additional obstacles including shoulder surgery and fibroids.

In just two years, Cromwell — who “feels like a whole new person” — has greatly decreased her body-fat percentage and cut her insulin usage down from an entire pen to just 20 mL per day. Now she can keep up with her athletic children, who have noticed the change in her and aptly call her “Super Mom.”

Cromwell is inspiring others with her desire to be active, strong, vibrant and healthy again at 40.

“If I keep doing what I’m doing, I will be diabetic-free,” she says.