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Skye Glover


Skye Glover

I cannot stress enough how much North Jax CrossFit has changed my life. Almost a year ago I made the choice to try my first CrossFit class and I haven’t looked back since. In addition to losing 23lbs, fitting clothes that I haven’t worn in years and looking noticeably more toned, North Jax is a community. I am pushed by my coaches who all know me individually by name and never accept less than my best. e. No two days are the same, some days we do group workouts, some days there’s a combination and sometimes we have events outside of the gym and most importantly if anyone in class finishes the workout first we cheer on other members who are still giving it their all the way through the last rep. Lastly, Even as a child I don’t remember being able to do a handstand. Which are included in the handstand portion of CrossFit. My goal since starting CrossFit last year has been to do a handstand, last week I HIT THAT GOAL during a workout 🥳🥳. I have not always eaten perfectly or attended the number of classes I wanted to each week but I keep going back to it and I am so much stronger mentally and physically than I was less than a year ago.

Personal shoutout to:
Billy Gorham-the owner and first face I met at the gym he gave me the option to try a few classes before I started is always super informative and helpful (Billy is the reason I actually run now even though you couldn’t pay me to do it when I started)

Marko- my first coach last year. I will never forget how he told somebody “he didn’t know if this was for me/I was going to make it” and always brags about me and tells that story when new students come to class and feel nervous (Marko taught me “it doesn’t get easier you just get better”)

Tye- Tye always catches me putting me less weight on my bar than I can actually handle. Somehow he never directly says “put more weight on the bar” but it always happens (I also got my first handstand in his class)

Marlit-Marlit was my first friend at the gym she saw me struggling on the assault bike the first day and taught me how to breathe. She told me to just keep coming back it gets better

Victoria &
Shae &
Kendra-I grouped these ladies because I met them all at the same time at the March of Dimes workout last year. I seriously did not know that there were so many other black women at the gym and they were all so strong! 💪 They assisted me through the whole workout: encouraging me, grabbing bands, boxes and doing kettlebells with me up till the last second. (Victoria-always gives me the side eye if I try to get away with a light weight)
(Kendra-is always so positive-she’s always saying “you got this!”
(Shae- always lets me know I have company when I’m not feeling something)

Shane- we were in the 5:45am class together and I haven’t seen him in forever, but one day it was taking me forever to finish my last 200 of the workout. He was already done and came back and got me and ran the rest with me. That meant a lot

Jean-last but not least Jean has always given me running tips and had my back on the last MURPH workout. She ran and grabbed me bands, abmats and anything else I needed including motivation during that workout

Please forgive me if I forgot anyone I love everyone at NorthJaxCrossFit and I just wanted to share my love and some stories today 💜🖤💜