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Billy Gorham

Billy Gorham Physical Therapist In Jacksonville Area Near Me

Billy Gorham



Coach Billy Gorham has been CrossFitting for over three years and he specializes in the “science behind the madness,” he says. He is passionate about never-ending learning, competing in just about anything, and his family. He loves coaching members and seeing people succeed, especially when they may not think they are capable in the beginning. “I have become passionate about movement, body mechanics, and helping people to live not only longer lives but have a higher quality of living,” he says.

At CrossFit North Jax, we encourage new-comers and members alike to come as they are and we’ll meetthem where they are. Billy is the epitome of this philosophy – “I have played all the major sports growing up… Baseball, football, basketball and even tried out some non-conventional stuff like archery.  My only specific accomplishment in sports is always being good enough to get on the team but never good enough to be a starter.  CrossFit was made for people like me and I wish I was introduced to it earlier in my life,” he says.

Billy’s path to CrossFit started with a doctor’s appointment. As a 42 year old retired Navy vet working as a field engineer, he didn’t believe he had time for the gym. However, he was persuaded to make time after the doctor told him he weighed 240 pounds, had slightly high blood pressure and cholesterol, and a resting heart rate of 94. Billy says while his doctor didn’t seem too concerned, he certainly was and decided to do something about it. He ended up at North Jax CrossFit, where he quickly realized two things: He was horrible at everything and he loved CrossFit. The more he learned about movement and the more he read the CrossFit journal, the more he wanted to grow, so he decided to get his Level 1 and began coaching at North Jax. Billy’s desire to learn has led him to FSCJ’s Physical Therapist Assistant program so that he can continue to learn and pass on that learning to help others.

The bottom line is Billy quit his main way of life and career to pursue this path of health and wellness – so when he tells our members it’s never too late to start anything if you want it bad enough and are willing to work for it, he means it.

In addition to being a CrossFit Coach, Billy is also a husband, dad, full time student, and home owner!


  • CF-L1
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Student