We’ve come upon the time of the year where most hang up their gym shoes and call it quits for the year. Starting in mid November and culminating with that fateful “New Years Resolution” we see a steady decline in attendance across the board in physical fitness. We get it, between the obligations, cold and overall busyness of the time of year it’s understandable why fitness takes a back seat.

But you’re not like other people are you? You’re going to take this year by the horns and actually get through the season without joining the nearly 90%, yes you read that right, 90% of population that sees an increase on the scale and decrease in activity.

There are tons of ways to keep yourself on the right path, but we boiled things down to our favorite three.

  1. Give yourself grace. This one may seem weird to start off our list but hear me out. YOU’RE GOING TO MESS UP and that’s TOTALLY OKAY! Giving yourself a hard time because you had an extra cookie that your favorite aunt made does not make you a bad person. Remember, long term habits are what create results whether in the good or the bad. If you’re constantly beating yourself up for tiny missteps you’re putting your overall well being at a disadvantage
  2. Remember your basics. I’ve asked every single person who I’ve talked to about nutrition the same question. “What is your idea of a healthy meal?” Nine times out of 10 they respond with some version of “chicken (or protein) with veggies and rice (or starch)”. YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT’S HEALTHY. Sweet potatoes are healthy, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows melted on top is not, you already know this. When you’re at a party, get together or holiday, think before you eat. What’s going to be your best option? What can you avoid putting on your plate? Start small and go from there. Revert back to #1 if you feel guilty for getting grandma’s mac and cheese.
  3. Write down your goal. First off, start with your goal. Is it to maintain strength and weight during the next two months? Is it to lose weight? Is it a physical goal, mental goal or something intangible? Regardless, WRITE IT DOWN. Place it somewhere you can see it daily like your mirror in your bathroom. Take the habit tracker sheet (get one from a coach) and write those goals down. If you don’t complete your goal for the day, that’s okay! Get back on the horse tomorrow. Remember, one day missed is okay, two days missed is starting a new habit.

Set up a goal review session with a coach to help keep you on track for the hoidays. Not a member of our fitfam. Set up a consultation and let us show you a plan to stay on track.

There are millions of outside factors that push us in one direction or another. Remember you can only control the things you have control over.

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