Top 3 reasons for not exercising, and what you can do about it.

There are a few common reasons people give when asked why they do not incorporate exercise into their daily lives?

  1. They do not enjoy exercise.

This reason is common among some.  The key, I tell them, is to find an activity that they do enjoy doing.  Then find others that enjoy that same activity.  Then go out and do that activity together.  People will not start a program or an activity because they feel like it is not exercise “enough” and therefore will not garner results.  Any activity is better than none.  And the activity you do with the most consistency will deliver the best results for you.  I have seen people employ this with a variety of activities, from dancing, to biking, to hiking, and even badminton.  The key is to find a physical activity you enjoy, and do that activity consistently.  The Key word here is to be consistent.

  • They do not have the money to start an exercise program.

This reason is given more often than not enjoying exercise.  This answer can be broken down in a couple of ways.  The first being that exercise does not have to break the bank.  A daily program can be done with little more than a comfortable pair of tennis shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt.  There are plenty of body weight programs that are free on the internet.  Just find one and do it consistently.  There is that word again, consistency.  If you require a bit of accountability, find a friend that will do the workouts with you and hold each other accountable.  Again, this option is free.  If you do not have friends willing to commit to their health and wellness, then getting a gym membership that offers group coaching would be your next best option.  Yes this option is more expensive than an access only membership but it will help with the required accountability needed to be consistent and find the results you are looking to achieve.  In 2017, the average American household’s expenditure for food was $7,729, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of this total, a whopping 44 percent – $3,365 – was spent on dining out. If you break that down by month, that is an average of $280.42 per month.  There are plenty of gym options that could be incorporated if you replaced eating out a few times per month with a membership.  And in doing so, you will meet your health and fitness goals even faster since most people overeat by a great deal when they eat out.  Ditching your morning Starbucks could help as well.  The average specialty coffee is around 4-5 dollars at Starbucks.  Over the course of 20 workdays in a month that is 80-100 dollars per month spent on coffee.  The question really comes down to this.  DO YOU VALUE EATING OUT AND COFFEE MORE THAN YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS?

  • The number 1 reason given for not adding an exercise regimen to your daily life…. “Not enough time.”

This is the reason given more than any other reason.  What this reason is really saying.  EXERCISE AND HEALTH ARE NOT A PRIORITY TO ME!  It is a fact that we find time for those activities we prioritize.  People who exercise regularly do not have less going on in their lives.   They have kids, they have spouses, they have jobs, they have homes to care for, some have multiple jobs, and some even have side gigs.  Then how are these people able to incorporate exercise into their daily lives?  The answer…. they make exercise a priority in their lives.  These people have made a conscious choice to incorporate an exercise regimen into their regular daily activities consistently.  That word just keeps on appearing, must be something to it.  There is a question to ponder here, if health and wellbeing are not a top priority, then what would be considered a top priority?

 There is a saying, a healthy person wishes for many different things, an unhealthy person only has one wish. 

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