Where would I be now, had I not quit then?

If one lives long enough, there is no doubt that a person can look back upon the road of travels through out their life and find points where the course or direction was changed.  Sometimes the course or direction changes because of a new career, a new relationship, or a new opportunity.  Sometimes the change of direction is due to finding a higher calling.  There are times in life when clarity is found and pushes a person in the direction of what was meant to be.  Unfortunately, those are rare instances which the majority never find.  Most often, people change course because a challenge was presented, and it was easier to change course than it was to meet and overcome the challenge.

     Like many, I am no different.  I have altered the course of my life so dramatically at times due to the situation being overwhelmingly difficult.  The obstacle that stood in the road seemed so big to me at that time that the idea of overcoming the impediment seemed an impossibility.  I made the choice to abandon the road I was on and took another course.  When I reflect, I often wonder where would I be now, had I not quit then? 

     There is a great quote by Zig Ziglar that I say often. “What you get by achieving your goal is not nearly as great as what you become by achieving your goal.”  There is so much brilliance in that statement.  To achieve any goal, you had to overcome obstacles, you had to face challenges, and you had to make difficult decisions.  A person changes for having faced and overcome those obstacles and challenges.  A person becomes better.  The statement is easy to say, but incredibly difficult to enact.  But, what if in the moment, the decision was made to face that obstacle head on.  The decision was made that a person was not going to be dissuaded.  And in that decision, knowing when looking back at the moment in question, a person was able to say without a doubt, “I am here now, because I did not quit then!”

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