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365 days and 325+ classes, 327 after tonights WOD. (I asked 😂)
I thought I was at the gym a lot but putting it in a perspective of # of classes to days in a year, well it really shows my dedication to fitness and this gym.
I’m not sure what people tell you about CrossFit or if you’ve tried it yourself but speaking from my one year perspective it’s the most amazing thing I could have done for myself.
When I’m not at the gym (which apparently isn’t very often) I genuinely miss it. Each workout that we do is not easy BUT each workout we make it through as a team and we have so many moments of fun.
CrossFit is truly for everyone… the beginner, the intermediate and the advanced.
North Jax Fitness is my favorite place (aside from my shower and bed). Each person in my classes have made me feel welcomed and safe and free to be me, I love each of them.
The coaches are the best around, understanding and firm. They won’t let you prevent yourself from achieving your goals if you’re truly all in. It will never be our coaches fault if you don’t reach your goal. They put in the work and want you to also.
I firmly believe everyone needs a place to decompress, feel safe, to be accepted as you are, no frills, no bullshit, no egos… that place is NJCF for me.
I love you guys.

Carrie’s story

I have been going here for 6 months and have loved every second of it. I have had multiple gym memberships but nothing pales in comparison to this gym and the coaches. I was scared of CrossFit at first but all the members and coaches are very welcoming and friendly. I have meet some great people along the way. At a regular gym you don’t get any guidance on what you want to do personally. At North Jax CrossFit they tailor everything to your needs.I have never been around such great coaches that actually care about what you want and how to meet your needs. They also care about how your technique and how you recover. They have great plan options, great pricing, and a diet program to help with your journey. I don’t have any plans to stop going and I can’t go to any other gym.

Charlie’s story

I loved it here. I went to North Jax CrossFit for three months while I lived in Jacksonville. It is an awesome community gym with great owners, coaches, and members. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive during works. This type of environment pushes people to work beyond what they think they are capable are of.

I also love that they use Level Method. Every workout is already tailored to your level and you have hard goals to work towards to each and every step of the way. Celebrating everyone’s achievements makes this gym that much better. I will definitely be coming back if I’m in town.

charles’ story

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