Get Into the Flow!

“Flow state is a highly focused and immersive mental state in which an individual’s skill level matches the challenge of the task, resulting in reduced self-awareness, altered time perception, and heightened positive emotions.” – Steven Kotler

This is that magical feeling of being in the zone. It’s effortless effort or active meditation. Playing in this space on a regular basis makes life better.

So how does CrossFit training help us tap into a flow state?

Playing the game at the appropriate level

Embracing the group dynamic

Variation and novelty

Playing with challenges at the edge of your ability level is where you find flow. If the activity is too easy, it’s boring. If it’s too challenging, there are no small wins to keep you motivated. The magic happens when you push to your limit and then stretch just a little more. That is the Goldilocks space where the flow state lives. Utilizing our levels method and assessments in CrossFit will help you find your edge. Then it’s time to show up and get after it.

The group dynamic is a measurable, powerful force in flow state. There was a study done with a group of Navy SEALs during BUDs training. The class has been ranked from first to last on athletic performance. They took the top 20 performers of the group and had them individually perform physical challenges with just a drill instructor. Then they took the bottom 20 of the class and had them do the same challenges as a group. The bottom 20 of the class outperformed the top 20 of the class in every challenge. Tap into the energy of the group to go farther than you thought possible.

One of the things I most love about CrossFit is the variation and novelty of the workouts. The game changes every day. There are similarities. Patterns emerge. Movements repeat. That said, we are never doing the same workout week to week. We have a new variation of a game to play every day. That combination of mental engagement and muscle confusion leads to the holy land of flow state.

Flow is a beautiful place to be. CrossFit is a great way to tap into and experience this state. Utilize it to help yourself grow and stay motivated.

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