It is never too late to start….

It was 2014, I had been retired from the Navy for 2 years.  I went to get a physical check up, and the results of the check up forever changed my life…..

I walked out of the doctor’s office that day with my head down and with an increased amount of concern on my mind.  I got the information from my doctor. 

Current body weight: 243 pounds

Current waist size: 43

Current blood pressure: 141/92

Current resting heart rate: 94

Total Cholesterol: 213

My doctor spoke to me briefly about nutrition and exercise.  The conversation was basic and the doctors tone felt more like reciting a script than coming from sincere concern.  Walking out of the office that day, I knew without a doubt that if something did not change, I would end up having a heart attack or stroke by the time I was 50 years old.  This was not an assumption in my mind, this possibility was solidified into my brain as fact.  I needed to do something, that something started with finding an exercise program to get me moving in the right direction.

I found a place called NorthJax Crossfit.

It was extremely intimidating to me.  I went anyway.

It was extremely difficult to do things others were doing.  I went back the next day anyway.

It was frustrating at times.  I went back the next day anyway.

I knew I was not going to improve by shying away from being uncomfortable.  I showed up and did the best I could.  I held my head high for giving the best effort I had that day.

What I ended up finding.

A community of people that supported me in every achievement no matter how small it seemed to me.

I found out that I can do hard things.

I found out that we can get stronger as we age.

I found out that I can take control of my health.

It has been over 10 years since I first walked into NorthJax Crossfit. 

Since that day:

I quit my job as an engineer.

I started coaching others to help them achieve their goals.

I went back to school for physical therapist assistant to better understand how the body moves and how I can better serve people.

I bought into a gym to be able to better serve those that want to improve as well.

My entire life has changed since that day.  It started with me finding my why and taking action.

What is stopping you from taking action, taking control, and becoming the best version of yourself for you and for your family?

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